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Using Google Reader’s “Send To” feature in WordPress

I’m a heavy user of Google Reader (GR). In fact, I pretty much read all of my web content from GR. I rarely visit a blog directly. It’s so much easier to aggregate all of my favourite blogs in GR

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Making money using Amazon’s affiliate program – some advice from ProBlogger

ProBlogger Blog Tips offers some great advice on making money using Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s worth the read. Here are Problogger’s tips, broken into three posts: ¬†11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates Program 10 More Amazon Associate

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Awesome web developer cheat sheets

I’m a big fan of this post by carsonified: 17 Awesome Web Developer Cheat Sheets There’s nothing like a simple, one page cheat sheet reference¬†for the stuff that you work with the most. All of the necessary functions at a

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