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Cryptogeddon Mission Pack 4: Mobile Chop Shop

We have recovered an Android smartphone that belongs to an organized crime member who goes by the name Joe “The Fence” Arduino. Joe, and at least two other unknown individuals, were recently involved in the theft of a large volume

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Cryptogeddon Mission Pack 4: Mobile Chop Shop is now available!

Folks, I must apologize for the long delay in launching Mission Pack 4. The last two months have been filled with various personal issues that have kept me from focusing on getting this Mission Pack out to you. And for

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Stephen King in Toronto – Thurs Oct 24 2013

Stephen King Kindle autograph

I met one of my favourite authors the other night. It was awesome! Stephen King and Owen King came to Toronto for a PEN Canada Benefit to kick off the International Festival Of Authors on Thursday October 24 2013. I’ve

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Cryptogeddon Newsletter – October 18, 2013

Welcome to the official Cryptogeddon Newsletter! Here’s what I’ll be covering in this newsletter: Mission Pack 3 Launch Challenge Mini Challenge! Official Launch at Sector 2013 Kickstarter Project? Request for Additional Feedback In the News Upcoming appearances Mission Pack 3

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Cryptogeddon Mission Pack 3: The Rogue CSEC Agent (Sector 2013 Edition)

Created for and presented at SecTor 2013 (Canada’s Premier IT Security Conference), Cryptogeddon Sector 2013 Edition offers Cryptogeddon’s most involved infosec mission yet. A  Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) cybersecurity analyst has gone rogue. He has taken a large cache of top

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