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Worth reading this week

“It is our imagination that is responsible for love, not the other person.” ― Marcel Proust

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If you read a free article – or ten – online today, please make a donation or subscribe to The Walrus or the independent journalistic outlet of your choice.

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Damn you, computer “hackers”!

My mom got scammed online earlier this week. This is the second time in a year that someone close to me has gotten burned by a scummy, sleazy, no good, prey-on-the-weakness-of-others-rather-than-get-a-real-job jackass. And it is so annoying! In this case,

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True Fans – Even the NY Times knows about them!

In my recent Wordcamp Hamilton presentation, I talked about how to build your own fanbase to support your writing. In that presentation, I talked about Kevin Kelly’s suggestion that all you need is 1,000 True Fans to support your creative career.

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SC Congress 2016 – free passes & VIP ticket draw!

Folks, SC Congress is coming up fast. The conference is next week! If you don’t have your ticket yet, I’m here to help. The team at SC Magazine has given me a unique opportunity to pass on to you: free Expo

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