My Books

Looking for my books? Here is a complete list of all of my books, by topic and by bookseller.

Philosophy & Religion is an area of interest as well. Currently published titles include: | Kobo

Cryptogeddon mission packs: these are no longer available for sale as some of the technology that is used in the mission packs is no longer available.

In development:
I am working on these books right now. Expect to hear more about them in the near future:
The God Solution to the Atheist Delusion – expanded and enhanced 2016 edition.
Holy Wars – This series traces the history of Christianity’s bloodshed. It begins from its inception at the cross, travelling through time, highlighting Augustine’s first Christian army, moving through the Crusades and the Reformation, landing in the present, where advanced technology, wielded at the hands of Western Christian powers, made the 20th century more deadly than all previous centuries combined.


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