SC Congress Toronto 2013 – A Summary

SC Congress Toronto 2013I attended SC Congress Toronto 2013 this past week. It was a great conference and I want to share my experiences. So, here goes…

Conference Name: SC Congress Toronto 2013 (hosted by SC Magazine)
Dates: Tues June 11 and Wed June 12 2013
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Downtown Toronto

Overall summary:
I was impressed with SC Congress 2013. The speakers were good, the content was current and helpful and the facilities were perfect for the size of the conference. My only complaint is with the food – compared to other conferences I have attended (, for example), the lunch food portions were small and the variety of breakfast food available was limited. Overall, I would like to attend this conference again next year.

Here are my summaries of some of the more notable sessions that I attended.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Let me know if you have any additional information or if you think I’ve misrepresented or neglected to mention anything.

Talk soon!