Mac Apps for Mac Addicts

From time to time, I stumble across posts that contain a ton of links to useful Mac apps. But, even with bookmark tracking and/or sending the link to my email I still manage to lose track of those links.

Today, I stumbled across a really great list of Mac apps. And, rather than link to it on delicious or something like that, I’m going to do something that goes against my academic training (think plagiarism) but that agrees with my industry (the web) and copy the really great list to my blog, where I know that I’ll never misplace it.
But, before posting the list, I must, at the very least, give credit where credit is due: Thanks a ton to Grace Smith, who spent what appears to be a ton of time to carefully compile this list of links. I’m hoping that linking to her will be sufficient to offer credit where it is due. I’m also going to send her an email to let her know that I’ve borrowed her list and am repurposing it.
Anyways… Without further ado, here’s the list:





Tip & Tricks



Mac Office Set-Ups



Awesome web developer cheat sheets

I’m a big fan of this post by carsonified: 17 Awesome Web Developer Cheat Sheets

There’s nothing like a simple, one page cheat sheet reference for the stuff that you work with the most. All of the necessary functions at a glance. What more could you need?

In fact, this post by carsonified has motivated me so much, that I’m adopting this strategy at my day job. I manage an operations team and over the years, I’ve compiled a fairly robust set of documents that explains our processes. I’m in the middle of updating them. But, instead of editing/updating the docs as they currently exist, I’m scrapping the whole thing and replacing them with a small collection of one (or two, at most) page cheat sheets. If I can’t fit all of the important stuff on a double sided sheet of paper, then there’s too much to know, and the items on the cheat sheets will never be handled properly anyways.

We’ll see how it works out. I suspect it’ll lead to better understanding and use of established processes and tools.

Your turn to share: What topics/tasks would you like to see on a cheat sheet?