There’s a chance that I might recommend a product or service and as a result of my recommendation, that product or service may become more popular. From there, the company responsible for that product or service might make more money. And, if I have bought shares or have otherwise invested in that company, then I may profit personally from that recommendation. That would imply a conflict of interest.

And, there is a chance that some links to products and services may benefit me personally. These links are called affiliate links. This is a link that, when clicked, will tell the company that I sent a visitor to their site. Thus, it benefits the company. And, the company will reward me in different ways, usually by providing me with payments for directing traffic to them, or by sharing the revenue for any purchases someone makes after I direct them to their site.

Some might claim that I am being bribed to recommend products by using affiliate links. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I do my best to remain objective in my blog posts. I just like the idea of making a little money to support my blogging efforts wherever possible. So, in cases where you click an affiliate link and it benefits me, I thank you. That is one small way that you can help support the effort that I have taken to build and maintain this site.

So… to guard against any potential conflicts of interest or accusations of “ethical failings” , I am offering up full disclosure on my investments, affiliate programs and other items that I want to get off my chest.

Investments – I hold (really) small quantities of the following stocks:

  • Microsoft
  • Research In Motion
  • Various Canadian bank stocks (RBC, TD, Scotia)

Affiliate programs: