I’m using this page to house various odds and ends that I feel like sharing. You’ll find stuff like sermons (in Word, pdf and/or mp3 format), various essays and anything else that I feel like providing as a download. I can’t promise anything in terms of frequency of updates or quality of content, but it’s here for the taking so enjoy!

My sermons:
Sep 2 2007 – “Family Matters”: .pdf format, .mp3 format
July 8 2007 – “Who Do You Love?”: .pdf format, .mp3 format
July 1 2007 – “What Are We Fighting For?”: .pdf format, .mp3 format
Dec 31 2006 – “Lent Time”: .pdf format, .mp3 format
July 16 2006 – “Get Your Own Dirt”: .pdf format, .mp3 format

Note: For best results, right click on the download, and click “Save As”. Save the item to your desktop or somewhere similar, then view the item(s) locally.

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