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Get your own website, take 2

I just checked my blog history, and I wrote about how best to build a personal website back in December 2005. At that time, I suggested that there were sufficient free tools out there to build a site that would

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Just Ways to Repair an Unjust War by Marcus Borg

Kudos to Marcus Borg for his brave piece of writing pertaining to the US political establishment and their responsibilities. This article, an many other like it, are just a sampling of the growing swell of uneasiness that are calling for

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A Tragic Picture of Death

I stumbled across a heartrending picture of an 18 month old Iraqi boy who had been killed after being fired upon by US forces during a street battle in Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood in June 2004. This picture, attached to

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The God Debate: does he or doesn’t he?

Dear atheists, I’m elated that God is getting so much press lately. And even more surprising is who’s talking about God. Atheists! On the one hand, I’ve gotta say that I don’t agree with the current batch of atheists selling

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