Just Ways to Repair an Unjust War by Marcus Borg

Kudos to Marcus Borg for his brave piece of writing pertaining to the US political establishment and their responsibilities. This article, an many other like it, are just a sampling of the growing swell of uneasiness that are calling for change in the US’s foreign policy plan pertaining to war in the Middle East.

If we really must call ourselves Christian and we look to Christ as our savior and our role model, then who better to look to for ways of living than the early Christians? Borg lays out the message well, reminding us how early Christians stood up for their beliefs, even if it meant martyrdom. If we are to call ourselves Christian, shouldn’t we at the very least try to model our behaviours, including our political and social behaviours towards others, after the Christian model of behaviour?

And as for those that argue that Christians are responsible for all of this violence… well… I’ll agree that most conflicts are the result of religious intolerance, but I also argue that these conflicts are the result of people who have misinterpreted or misused religion for their own political gains. I see great value in faith. I see only criminal intentions in people that attempt to use religious claims, especially Christian claims, that violence is required to uphold a religious belief. Faith is a freedom that we should be afforded, but it should not trump the free thought that others have.

And, for those Christians that think they have “God on their side” in committing violent acts, well, show me where Jesus allows violence in his name. I’m sure you’ll be hard pressed to show where Jesus supports killing in his name.

My two cents…

Todd Dow

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Just Ways to Repair an Unjust War

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