The God Debate: does he or doesn’t he?

Dear atheists,

I’m elated that God is getting so much press lately. And even more surprising is who’s talking about God. Atheists! On the one hand, I’ve gotta say that I don’t agree with the current batch of atheists selling their wares: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and others. On the other hand, I’ve gotta say “Way to go, guys!” You’ve definitely raised God’s awareness to levels not seen since the beginning of the War on Terror.

Now, I know your goal is to convince people that God doesn’t exist. But I’ve gotta tell you, your arguments are weak. You’re relying on old arguments (Hey Dawkins, does Bertrand Russell’s Celestial Teapot mean anything to you?) And Harris, yes, your education does bring you some authority, but unfortunately, I don’t see how you’re tying your research interests in with your arguments? It would be great if you could use your neuroscience background to help prove that God doesn’t exist. But, I doubt that’s in your curriculum, isn’t it. In fact, I’m willing to bet that there’s plenty still unknown in your field. I’m thankful for the advances in medical science, but I also know that it’s not an exact science, nor is it a replacement for God.

Now, I know that many of your arguments are against the inhumanities that are committed in the name of God. I’m right there with you. I don’t think that religion, and Christianity in particular, should motive the troops to go out and kill the enemy. In fact, I believe just the opposite: Jesus was a pacifist. Plain and simple. But, that doesn’t mean that we should discount the religion due to some misguided leaders of the religion. Should we abandon university campuses because of a few bad professors? I don’t think so…

The beauty of faith is the positive life force that it gives to an individual within a community of believers (and even sometimes in solitary – just ask the monastic members of a faith). God truly does scale to meet the needs and challenges of each one of us in every situation on earth. No, God doesn’t always answer our prayers. But, perhaps those are blessings in disguise as well. Who am I to know? I don’t have all of the answers. And I know that science can’t provide any better explanations either.

And speaking of explanations… where do we get our moral compass from? If we rely simply on rational thinking, what would a moral high ground look like? Would we align our good and bad impulses towards ourselves or towards the community of which we are a member? If there is no God, then what’s the point in being anything other than self-centred? In that case, do you become a threat to those around you? Or, do you think that there is some merit to community-driven moralism? And if there is some compassion towards fellow man, why would that be in an atheistic world? There are no rewards to be had. Aren’t you just wasting precious resources that you should be spending on yourself before your time runs out?

Do you get where I’m coming from? You question my motives for believing, while living a paradox yourself. You really do confuse me… you come across as so smug and so confident in your knowledge that God doesn’t exist, yet you sit on the edge of a moral cliff, trying to convince yourself that your actions don’t really matter, all the while continuing to further your chosen field of study. Why bother if we’re just ashes to ashes and dust to dust?

In any event, like I was saying earlier, thanks a ton for the great press you’ve been drumming up lately. Nothing like some star-studded name dropping to keep God in the news and to keep him on the tips of our tongues. It really is true… there’s no such thing as bad press, and guys, you’re doing one heck of a job.


Todd Dow

By Todd Dow

Author, Geek, CF fundraiser & Cancer Survivor. My family, baseball, infosec, privacy & devops are a few of my favorite things.

5 replies on “The God Debate: does he or doesn’t he?”

You’re a nihilist. For you, the universe is meaningful ONLY if there is a supernatural agent. You pass judgment on the entirety of existence. Atheists find meaning in existence itself, without needing to supplement it. In fact, you devalue existence itself. You ask—why bother if we just ashes. But the point is, we are not. We are evolved, sophisticated beings. It is you who reduces existence to ash in the absence of a supernatural agent. If you’re unsure about what nihilism means, then do some reading.

“If there is no God, then what’s the point in being anything other than self-centred?”
It’s called being a decent human being, there doesn’t have to be a reason to be generous or anything else, just look at the millions of people who don’t follow a religion and yet are NOT self-centred. Not much of a point you make there.

Just because you may, or may not require a reason to be anything else other than self-centered, which may actually impliment your so called ‘morals’, doesn’t mean that everyone is like you.

Sorry to burst your bubble, and by the way, i’m not an athiest so don’t even bother trying that crap on me lol.

Just as the Bible came from the human mind so do morals. It cracks me up when people point to the Bible or God as the basis for morals when both were invented by humans…so now you have the answer to your own questions.

“If there is no God, then what’s the point in being anything other than self-centred?”

So, are you saying that if someone presented you with irrefutable proof that God doesn’t exist, you would instantly become a self-centred mass-murderer who didn’t give a shit about anybody else in the world? Is it fear of God’s wrath that is preventing you from doing so?

It’s in humanity’s best interest to have compassion for other humans. As intelligent creatures, most of us know that if we don’t piss off others, they won’t piss off us. I said most of us, because unfortunately there are many self-centred people in today’s world, atheists and theists alike.

Hey Todd,
Me again. I was reading your post on atheisism and was about to reply only to read that 4 other folks made the same point I was going to make. It was well written but you lost me as soon as you made the self-centred comment, as others have pointed out.

Your agnostic (not atheist)

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