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Cryptogeddon officially launches at SecTor 2013

By Todd Dow
October 8, 2013

Toronto, ON – Infosec enthusiasts have a new game to play. Today marks the official launch of Cryptogeddon, an online information security war game developed by Todd Dow. Todd is marking the official launch of Cryptogeddon in concert with SecTor, Canada’s Premier IT Security Conference. Todd will be speaking at SecTor, where he will be sharing a special free Cryptogeddon Mission Pack entitled, “Cryptogeddon – Sector 2013 Edition: The Rogue CSEC Agent”.

About Cryptogeddon

Cryptogeddon offers a creative, unique and challenging game that is perfect for gaming enthusiasts with an interest in information security concepts. Referred to as an online scavenger hunt using hacker tools, Cryptogeddon aims to supplement an already popular capture the flag market where hackers pit themselves against the clock and fellow competitors to solve technology puzzles and find digital assets, called flags, for prizes, bragging rights and validation within the hacker community.

Cryptogeddon sells Mission Packs, each of which offers a self contained infosec scenario that the participant plays. Mission Packs utilize the latest information security tools including Kali, TrueCrypt, md5, SSH, openssl, Nessus, Metasploit and more. And, Cryptogeddon Mission Packs are built using current platforms including Linux, Windows, Apache, IIS, Amazon Web Services, Android, iOS, WordPress, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. Each Mission Pack comes complete with a scenario description, a starting point and a list of tools required to complete the mission. And, each Mission Pack also comes with a complete solution so that participants can feel comfortable that if they get stuck, they will be able to rely on the solution to help guide them through to the end of the scenario.

“I want to create the most realistic infosec scenarios possible to challenge and entertain the largest number of IT enthusiasts”, says Todd Dow, the founder and creative force behind Cryptogeddon. “Infosec is a huge passion of mine and I am creating the game that I would like to play. This is an exciting time to be an infosec practitioner and Cryptogeddon offers the perfect balance of creative, diverse and challenging scenarios, while also including a complete solution as a backup in case you get stuck. And, the solution guide also makes a great training guide for students and classroom environments.”

Cryptogeddon in Education

Todd has already received interest from College and University programs looking to include Cryptogeddon’s Mission Packs in existing Computer Science programs. “I love that students can learn while having fun in a safe, non-threatening environment. Seeing others learn is a key aspect of Cryptogeddon”, says Todd. Cryptogeddon can also be applied in corporate settings as a training tool for novice and expert infosec professionals.

Todd will be speaking at SecTor on Wednesday October 9 2013.

Mission Packs are available for purchase at


For more information about Cryptogeddon, please contact:

Todd Dow, Founder, Cryptogeddon
4418 Dennis Avenue
Beamsville, Ontario
L0R 1B5
@toddhdow @cryptogeddon


By Todd Dow

Author, Geek, CF fundraiser & Cancer Survivor. My family, baseball, infosec, privacy & devops are a few of my favorite things.

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