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SC Congress 2015 – are you going?

SCCongress-logo-2015As many of you know, I’m a security geek. And what is more fun for a security geek than seeing, hearing and learning about the latest security-related tools & techniques. Each year, I look forward to attending the two major Toronto-area IT security conferences: SC Congress in June and Sector in October.

Both of these events offer the latest and greatest in IT security. In 2013, I attended both events:

This year’s SC Congress is coming up soon: June 10 & 11 2015. And based on my great coverage of the 2013 event, I’ve been invited to blog about it again. So, I’ll be attending SC Congress 2015 with a press pass in hand. I hope you’ll join me at the event as well. It should be an awesome time.

As a bonus, you can register for SC Congress at a significantly discounted rate, simply by using the discount code TODDHDOW.

You can get your discounted tickets here:
2-day pass: $525 (reg. $995)
1-day pass: $425 (reg. $795)
Use discount code TODDHDOW or click this link.

And, while you’re at it, sign up for a complimentary digital subscription to SC Magazine.

Are you going to SC Congress 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Talk soon!



By Todd Dow

Author, Geek, CF fundraiser & Cancer Survivor. My family, baseball, infosec, privacy & devops are a few of my favorite things.

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