Types of Blog Posts Day 3 of 5: Link Posts

In this 5 part series, we’re examining 5 Different Types of Blog Posts.

Post 3 of 5 (red)
Today, we’re going to look at link-type posts. These are posts where the primary focus is on an external website or websites. There are days when I come across a wide variety of news items, product reviews or blog posts and I have a strong desire to share all of them with my readers. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough hours in the day to write lengthy posts on each item. Nor should I have to, as there’s no point in rehashing existing content. We want to write fresh, new, original content. In cases like this, link posts come in handy.

In link posts, the goal is to quickly introduce the links and then get out of the way and allow the reader to enjoy the content. But remember these tips:

  • Your readers trust you Your readers visit your site to read content that you are consistent in delivering. Keep your links relevant as well. No point in sending your readers off to view something on gardening if they’re coming to your site that specializes in Transformers Collectibles.
  • Link to quality content Where you link to reflects back on you. If you directed me to a poor-quality site, I might second guess clicking on one of your recommended links next time.
  • Be brief, but informative Provide a strong introduction to the link. This builds the reader’s expectations and it helps to give them some context when visiting the link.
  • Shake and Bake Your Link Intros For some variety, try Speedlinking from time to time. This is the act of providing a simple list of links from time to time with little introduction other than a topic or theme. This is a quick and easy way of sharing a bunch of sites with very little prep work.

Some would say that link posts are an easy day’s work in the blogosphere. But I beg to differ. Link posts require vetting content and deciding whether or not to share it with your audience. This is an important task, as the content that you link to reflects on your site brand. Sometimes, this can get you out of a bind if you’re feeling writer’s block, but that doesn’t lessen the quality of the post at all.

And, to give you an example of what a link post might look like, here’s a list of my own.

Today’s list topic: 5 links that I found useful this morning:

  1. Blog Writing With True Passion – I like the idea of writing your blog, then getting articles published from it to make extra income. Some other interesting tips here as well.
  2. Google Reader – I’ve tried out a few RSS readers and Google is definitely my favourite for reading my favourite blogs and other RSS content.
  3. The Secret to Lightning-Fast Feed Reading – Some great tips on using your favourite feed reader. Excellent, concise and quite valuable in terms of time saved and efficiencies realized.
  4. Analyze Your Blog’s Competition – Not only will this tell you who else your readers might be reading, but it’ll also give you some ideas about how you could improve your own site.
  5. Todd’s Search for Meaning – A personal link to give you a bit of insight into who I am.

Anywho… enough rambling for one day.

Talk soon!


By Todd Dow

Author, Geek, CF fundraiser & Cancer Survivor. My family, baseball, infosec, privacy & devops are a few of my favorite things.

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