Holy War – Coming Soon!

Holy War is a historical whirlwind that takes the reader through over two thousand years of Christian violence, starting before Christ and finishing in the present day.

This book examines several key events through history that greatly influenced society’s perceptions and motivations pertaining to armed conflict, specifically focused around religious considerations. The book follows a chronological path from ancient time to modern day, touching on the following topics in order:
1. Jesus’ Pacifist Message
2. Old Testament Influences
3. The Early Church
4. Augustine: Just War
5. Islam: Religion of War or Peace?
6. Pope Urban II – The Crusader Ethic
7. Summarizing the Past: Thomas Aquinas
8. I Protest! Rebirth of the Pacifist Movement
9. Bridging the Gap: Renaissance Developments
10. Modern Struggles

This book is currently in development. Check back regularly for updates, sneak peaks and announcements pertaining to this book’s publication timelines.

Stay tuned!


By Todd Dow

Author, Geek, CF fundraiser & Cancer Survivor. My family, baseball, infosec, privacy & devops are a few of my favorite things.

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